Honoring those who served

Operation Enduring Honor strives to honor the sacrifice of America’s disabled Service Members by providing wheelchair accessible picnic tables in parks and recreation areas. These special picnic tables will help wheelchair bound Veterans, visitors and their families enjoy outdoor activities.

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All deserve to enjoy

South Carolina has some of the most diverse and beautiful state parks in the nation. From the beaches, to the wetlands, to the mountains; there is a place everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, not all of our recreation areas have picnic areas that make it easy for wheelchair users to enjoy.

Memebers of the OEH team were hiking in a State recreation area when they approached a Park Ranger and discussed donating a picnic table to the park. The Ranger suggested a wheelchair accessible picnic table and relayed a story of a disabled Veteran and his family who visited the park on a beautiful day to enjoy a picnic. The Veteran had to be helped out of his wheelchair by his family to sit at the picnic table, but after lunc his familycould not help him back into his wheelchair and had to call for help. The Ranger explained that her wish list was to have wheelchair accessible picnic tables for anyone who visits and enjoys the recreation areas of South Carolina.
During the COVID crisis families restricted to their homes have been turning to parks and recreation aresa for a break and those who have family members in wheelchairs are especially affected by the pandemic. A large amount of diabled Veterans are visiting parks, but have no place to sit and enjoy a meal with their families since most picnic tables don’t work for wheelchair users.
Out of this revelation Operation Enduring Honor was born.


Support in all manners

The cost to construct these special picnic tables is $400 each. The goal of the OEH Team is to construct 4-6 wheelchair accessible tables in every park and recreation area across the state. We need volunteers to help construct the tables, and we also need financial sponsors to help make this happen. Donate or volunteer by contacting our team using the appropriate button.

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